Native American Artist's Dan Namingha & Courtney Leonard

We would like to congratulate two of our represented artists, Dan Namingha and Courtney Leonard, for being featured artists in a collaboration between the Institute of American Indian Arts and Art in Embassies!  

They both receive recognition for their talent and work as contemporary Native American artists.

Art in Embassies Dan Namingha Modern West Fine Art

"Our next featured artist is Dan Namingha. His artistic journey started in early childhood, and has led him to combine his personal ideas and memories with the symbolism of his Hopi-Tewa culture. His work often draws on the sacred traditions of his culture, which are so deeply embedded in ceremony; the kachinas representing the spirit messengers, ancestors, and cloud people; the dualities of light and dark, of positive and negative; the passages between the everyday world and the spirit realm."

Art in Embassies Courtney Leonard Modern West Fine Art

“I always say tradition isn’t stagnant. When it’s stagnant, it’s like dead water...” - Courtney M. Leonard. Courtney is our third featured artist today; a member of the Shinnecock Nation of Long Island, New York, her artwork explores the evolution of language, image, and culture through mixed media."

View Dan Namingha's work here and Courtney Leonard's work here