Salt Lake City Gallery Review | A Collector's Review of MWFA

Nothing makes us happier than receiving a great review! It is especially gratifying to have such wonderful collectors provide us with insightful positive feedback. Your appreciation for our artists work is why we are here. Thank you Patrice!

"In my view, we have some of the best galleries here in Salt Lake City that I have seen anywhere in the world. This gallery is one of two in Salt Lake that absolutely tower above the rest of the extraordinary galleries. Diane and her wonderful staff preside over an extraordinarily diverse and sophisticated collection of modern art: that it is Western focused does not mean - necessarily - Cowboys and Indians (although it has some of the best of these).

It does reveal the sophistication of the art audience in SLC. I would compare these pieces and those of another long-time brilliant gallery also on 2nd South, to be those that every serious appreciator should visit. Oh but do be prepared in both instances to discard your self-imposed restriction to "just look" and not buy. If you visit often enough and set some limits you will end up with a prettier house.

And what is better, to spend $95 on than a fabulous piece of ceramics that will make you smile each day - or, if you have the means - a stunning Paul Davis that captures southern Utah like no other painting can and that you will always treasure."  - Patrice Cornelli