Courtney Leonard's "Blue Blood" featured in the Art In Embassies Program

Courtney Leonard featured artist for the Arts In Embassies Program

"Blue Blood," by Courtney Leonard, was created for the "Art In Embassies Program" for which Courtney Leonard is now a recognized and featured artist in the program.

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"Blue Blood is inspired by Nautical Maps, Charting, An Aerial View of the shape of whale pods as they pass our shores (Long Island), and the use of blue blood taken from horseshoe crabs for pharmaceutical use. I grew up walking the shores to see the large shells of horseshoe crabs that shed them during our full moons.  Now when I walk our shores their shells are small if there are even any to see."

"Each print was initially laser etched with the antique map of Long Island, as I used the fabrication lab at IAIA to complete this technique while working with a Master Printer to create water lithography plates for the additional layers.  Each print was curated for this collection 10 of which are a part of Art In Embassies and will travel the world's US embassies." - Courtney Leonard

Watch a video featuring how blue blood from horseshoe crabs is harvested on PBS here.

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