Jann Haworth | Work In Progress Work Shop: Utah State University 

Modern West Fine Art's represented artist Jann Haworth and Liberty Blake co-hosted a "Work In Progress" workshop at Utah State University this January. Participants choose from a selection of woman who have been a catalyst for change throughout history. They are then taught how to create a stencil with the help of Haworth and Blake.

Jann Haworth work in progress
jann haworth work in progress

At the conclusion of the workshop the images produced are then complied and placed onto a panel that will travel with the project. The mural collaged by Liberty Blake with faces of more than 250 women, inspires awareness, connection and engagement with over 200 collaborators and thousands of viewers. It grows with every community stop, expanding the mural from 28 feet to now over 56 feet, and has shown in numerous museums and venues. Haworth hopes that "Work In Progress" will help inspire women to make a positive change in the world.  If you are interested in hosting a workshop please reach out for more information and visit the projects website https://workinprogressmural.org/

jann haworth work in progress
Jann haworth work in progress liberty blake
jann haworth work in progress sgt pepper beatles