New work by Rudi Broschofsky, "Mt. Rushmore" at Modern West Fine Art

We are thrilled with our newest piece from Rudi Broschofsky, entitled Mt. Rushroom. Mt. Rushmore has been the longest work in progress of his paintings so far. The stencil alone took well over 50 hours to create and the final piece took over five months to complete. The work was well worth the time and effort, Broschofsky considers Mt. Rushmore to be his best painting produced to date.


Mt. Rushmore is a commentary on the controversial nature of the Mt. Rushmore monument. This piece depicts a group of Native American portraits in place of American foreFathers. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln were carved into a mountain known to the Lakota tribe as Six Grandfathers. This mountain was seized from the Lakota’s after the great Sioux War. This piece depicts four Native Americans, the three on the right represent; Sitting Bull, Young Joseph and Three Eagles. The larger image on the left depicts Chief Joseph. These men are known for their accomplishments and efforts in leading their bands through a turbulent period where they were being forcibly removed from their ancestral lands.

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