Suzanne Hill Ceramic Art at Modern West Fine Art

Modern West is honored to have a selection of Suzanne Hill"s ceramics available and on display. Her pieces are truly special.

Each pot is hand-thrown and hand-worked by Hill. The firing and glazing process is especially unique for Hill's use of saggar firing, meaning the pots are placed in clay containers in the kiln. In the saggar, a mixture of materials is added to form an individualized pattern on the pot from the smoke - materials such as hay, sawdust, or seaweed can be used. Watch her process HERE.

Each pot is a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, work of art.

Hill received a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramic Art degree from the Alfred Collage of Ceramics. She has taught ceramics to schools and colleges, along with working as an independent potter, for years. Hill has also traveled extensively. She learned the craft of ceramics from several indigenous people as she went. Today, Hill works to continually refine her craft and find new inspiration for her work.

"I see myself as both an artist and a crafts person. What separates fine craft from an ordinary object is that it goes beyond pure function and becomes a thing of beauty as well."

View her work here