The Story Behind "Cowgirl Pride" by Tamara Ruiz

The focal point of “Cowgirl Proud” by Tamara Ruiz is a vintage photograph. On the original photograph there is a handwritten note stating, "Winner of first place for best lady shooter at the Colisseum, March 17, 1908"  and the name of "Leeta A. Grant" , Dallas, Oregon.

Ruiz researched Leeta before beginning her piece. Leeta was born in 1893, she was about 15 - 16 years old when this photo was taken. She died in 1914, only 6 years after this photo was taken. She was a young cowgirl, with a proud, confident look on her face the day this photo was taken. Once Ruiz discovered this information about her, she decided to make her the focal/catalog piece for the 2015 Cowgirl Up! exhibition at the Desert Caballeros Museum in Wickenburg, AZ. 

Tamara brought life to an old photograph, instead of being forgotten or misplaced, Leeta A. Grant became the star of one of Tamara Ruiz’s mixed media pieces for the show. “Cowgirl Pride” hangs in our gallery, we hope Leeta A. Grant would be pleased to know her photo is admired here.

View her work here.