paper + thread

June 21 - September 6


This show brings together a group of artists who work primarily with paper or fiber. Both mediums are somewhat elemental, oftentimes tied to traditions of craft or perceived as lesser arts, they have been, all too regularly relegated to the margins of what is deemed "fine art." The artists participating in Paper & Thread fully embrace the materials, using them both traditionally and in more contemporary ways to highlight their unique qualities, bringing them clearly into the realm of fine art.

Participating artists include Katherine Allred, Jennifer Barton, John Bell, Liberty Blake, Fidalis Buehler, Craig Clevland, Shalee Cooper, Al Denyer, Nathan Florence, Jonathan Frioux, Kiki Gaffney, Jann Haworth, Levi Jackson, Tom Judd, Juliette Lanvers, Amanda Moore, Beatrice Mandelman, Mitch Mantle, Jean Richardson, Wren Ross, Carol Sogard and Wendy Wischer.