March Gallery Stroll | Mandelman & Ribak Exhibition


Modern West Fine Art is proud to be partnering with Rosenbergy & Co. Gallery in NYC and University New Mexico Foundation, who manage the Mandelman Ribak Collection, to host our first exhibition featuring works by Modernists artists. This important exhibition highlights works by Beatrice Mandelman & Louis Ribak. The two artists met in New York at a dance sponsored by the Artists Union and then married in 1942, and moved from NYC to Taos, New Mexico in 1944. The move to the West inspired a new palette and direction for the artists, not only in their surroundings, but also in their relationships with other esteemed artists. Taos matured into one of the epicenters for Modern artists including, Georgia Okeefe, Agnes Martin, Richard Diebenkorn, Mark Rothko, & Clyfford Still.

The West became a percolating center for artists and home to Bea and Louis where they founded their own school in 1947, the Taos Valley Art School. This exhibition consists of works by each artist emphasizing how they worked in cohesion, while establishing their own distinct voices. Their legacy & influence on each other and on other artists continues to impact the contemporary artists we feature in the gallery today. We are honored and thrilled to be sharing this important exhibition, and thank all who came to Gallery Stroll last night to celebrate in our opening this important exhibition. It will bee on display through June 9th.

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