Stanley Natchez

Blue Horse on Gold Leaf

oil and mixed media on gold leaf

16 x 40 in.

Couple on Dollar Bills with Newborn

oil and mixed media on bills

36 x 12 in. 


oil and mixed media on gold leaf

40 x 46 in.

Buffalo Hyde Winter Count

mixed media on canvas

60 x 72 in. 


Stan Natchez is known for beautifully crafting familiar objects with bold powerful colors that reflect onto traditional Native American culture.  In his pantings he includes figures that inspire the feel of the Old West, such as Cowboys, Native Americans and western wildlife. To amplify the depth and visual appeal of his pieces he includes beadwork, gold-leaf and additional textures to his works of art.  

Los Angeles is where Stan was born and started his journey.  Though his Native roots he developed his passion for the arts.  Stan was trained in his cultures traditional dance which took him around the world.  His extensive travels honed his artistic abilities ever farther as he strives to bring together modern techniques and philosophies into a balanced and complex harmony. He currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.