I am a minimalist  artist with a desire to bring my works out from behind the glass. Using an oil technique that I have developed, I preserve the translucency and movement of a watercolor medium and present it on canvas with no barriers. I strive to juxtapose a luxe, rich feel with an exposed tenderness and ask you to dissolve into the texture and color.




Minimalist artist Meggan Waltman is inspired by the works of Helen Frankenthaler, Frank Stella, Agnes Martin and anonymous tantric art.  Self taught, her technique using layered oils on canvas that have the movement of watercolor was birthed by trial and error, and it was motivated by the desire to keep her paintings free from the barrier of a piece of glass. Waltman wants the viewer to experience the dissolving of the pigments and the texture of the layers with as little obstacles as possible.   Meggan Waltman paints from her studio in Utah.