Jerrin Wagstaff’s paintings examine the nature of visual experience in the internet era, the anxiety of  responding to a torrent of information and the complexities of living in an attention based economy.  The artist draws upon images pulled from news media, staged catalogues, stadium events, and video  stills from reality tv. Individual themes of the paintings drift between desire, loss, identity and how our  attempt to cherry pick from the flood of information is both personal and universal. 


While in residency at Modern West, Wagstaff plans to focus his work towards his growing interest in the  upheaval in American culture and how American Mythologies shape the views and expectations of  being an American. His art making process will incorporate research into critical perspectives of American exceptionalism, Manifest Destiny, and how American Identity is shaped by handed-down  folklore.   



Jerrin Wagstaff is an artist based in Salt Lake City, UT who also works in Los Angeles, CA. His most recent body of work addresses the nature of American mythology through the lens of 19th century Romantic landscape painting. Jerrin earned his MFA from California State University, Long Beach, in 2006 and his BFA from Brigham Young University in 2003.  His work has been featured in several solo and group shows throughout the country.  Jerrin’s latest solo exhibition, Miscellaneous Debris, was shownat Another Year in LA, Los Angeles, CA, and Nox Contemporaryin Salt Lake City, UT. Additionally, his work has also been included in group shows at the Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA, Center for Contemporary Art, Sacramento, CA, CUAC Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City, UT, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego, CA, and Utah Museum of Contemporary Art, Salt Lake City, UT.


In addition to his professional art practice, Jerrin has taught at various colleges and universities over the past 12 years including Brigham Young University and Cerritos College. He is also a contributor for the Contemporary Art Digest and is a resident at the Guthrie Artist Studios in Downtown Salt Lake City, UT.