I seek respite in the human tradition of mark making: that need to make impressions,
and to translate personal, corporeal experience into something tangible and stationary.
Very few things endure, but our need to interpret and reconcile experience into line
and form has remained stalwart for aeons. Printmaking in particular bows to this heritage,
allowing us to transform something as elusive as language into concrete, enduring
object (typefaces, printing plates). My images are examples of language distilled,
repacked and condensed into meaning concentrates. Looking to the masters
of symbology- ancient cultures, Native American, Paleolithic Man, etc., I seek
to circumvent technology, and pay homage to those most ancient endeavors in
communicating. Such an aesthetic is particularly resonant with our contemporary
reliance and fixation on simplified symbols and rapid communication (texting,
emailing, etc.) My interest lies in that dynamic space that spans both and inhabits neither.




Wren Ross is originally from Utah and holds degrees from the University of Utah,
Master’s of Social Work Cum Laude, 2016 and from the Rhode Island School
of Design, Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors, 2006. She currently lives and works
in Park City, Utah.