A self-taught artist, John Vehar has been painting for more than 20 years- pushing genres, mixing mediums, and proving that the only constant is change.  The result is an expansive, informed portfolio that ranges from the figurative, abstracts, realist oils, and even large metal work.  Before turning back to the world of fine art, John was a successful graphic designer for more than 15 years. Born in the windy town of Rawlings, Wyoming, John now resides here in Salt Lake City.  




My work centers around concepts of innate potential, power, and individualism. Through the act of painting I aim to explore what motivates human beings to create, destroy, achieve, and question. I will often use stand-ins or recognizable archetypes to represent humanist and universal concepts. These dream-like symbols help me explore both the positive and negative motivations of men and women. Horses can represent positive individualism and the power of free expression, whereas wolves can been seen as predatory behavior. Often, hard mountain-like structures, hidden by soft cloud-like masks, allude to hidden power or potential. As far as my process is concerned, I find it absolutely essential to physically engage with the concepts of order and chaos, and I try to find the right balance between the two. My goal is to place myself as a painter, and the viewer as observer, in the middle of order and chaos as a reminder of the balance that we struggle to hold on to in an ever-challenging social landscape. I often limit my tools and palette to just a few items to push myself to achieve more, with very little. In this way, through the very physical act of painting itself, we can remind ourselves of the resourcefulness we possess and the unlimited potential of individualistic expression.