Matthew Sketch is a painter and draftsman based in Salt Lake City, Utah. His motifs vary widely: from animals, and celebrities to interiors and abstractions, Sketch’s practice finds its coherence, not in content, but in approach. His works grow out of his personal relationships, his sensitivity to the objects and spaces memories attach themselves to, and a particular kind of intimacy that he achieves in his solitary encounters with nature. His gestures sprawl across the canvas in strong colours and thick strokes as if arranged by magnetic force. These dynamic surfaces draw the viewer in – an invitation to see the world from inside Sketch’s eye: wild and complex and full of emotion.


Matthew Sketch grew up in Houston, Texas, where he since worked as an industrial designer in the oil industry. Since 2012, he has practiced full-time as an artist.  Solo presentations include Affinity for Grace 2021, Wax Lyrical 2020, False Arabesque 2020, Snow Carte Blanche (2019), Obligatory Consent (2018), and Simply Complicated (2017). Sketch’s work is also to be found in several private collections in the United States.