Dimitri Kozyrev

Artist Interview
January 3, 2021
Dimitri Kozyrev
Can you talk about the work you are making and how the location has (or has not) influenced the work? How does the setting of SLC affect your artistic practice?
I have moved around the world many times, so I don't think SLC has influenced my practice that much, however I found that during COVID outbreak SLC has giving me a safe and comfortable place to work at UMOCA.
What are some of the non-visual mediums that interest and influence you?
Music in almost all styles. I am a long-time collector of an American Jazz. World literature as well.
What do you listen to when you're making art?
It depends on the mood of the day; it could be jazz, Mozart, punk rock or Russian rock.
 What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
Keep your focus.
Can you talk about how the Lost Landscapes series has developed over time?
It started from very minimal approach and moved to more complex control of space.
Can you talk about your process for color choice? How do you choose the tones you use in an image?
It starts from the mood of the day and then intuition kicks in.
 What three artists, would you say, have been the most influential in your work?
Kazimir Malevich, Pavel Filonov and Dutch Masters. Most recently all artists from Russian school of Palekh. Antient miniature tradition of painting.
Watch the full video interview, here.