Andrew Alba Refresh at the 801 Salon

The 801 Salon, hosted by Vis. 801 S 800 E, SLC, UT October 16, 2021
The 801 Salon, hosted by Vis. 801 S 800 E, SLC, UT 8:00 PM

Join us in celebrating  a new collaboration with Vis. as we feature represented artist Andrew Alba in the 801 Salon — this week, a refresh of Alba works, featuring his newest Buendía series.



 801 Salon is hosting Angel Magic and BOBO this Saturday, October 16. Doors open at 8pm, with shrub sodas served by Drupefruit. Angel Magic is a raw, low-key electronic group, currently working on a new album entitled "Generational Color" due 2022. BOBO, a two-piece pop group, recently released their debut album, "Smoke in the Elevator," and collab album with UTA Trax, "Get in Gear." The 801 Salon Gallery will also continue to feature new works by Andrew Alba in collaboration with Modern West Fine Art, including his newest Buendía portraits.
801 Salon is a curated, monthly event featuring local artists and creatives, hosted by Vis. 


Andrew Alba is a self-taught artist and descendant of Mexican migrant workers. Alba’s large-scale paintings and drawings evoke an emotional response while still maintaining relevant commentary on contemporary politics and society. Alba has exhibited work throughout the Pacific Northwest and Salt Lake City, where he currently resides.




Borrowing techniques of abstraction from neoexpressionists, my work aims to evoke an emotional response while commenting on our wildly complex sociopolitical present. As a self-taught artist, I create work without the theoretical constraints and critical expectations of the academy. I sculpt using everyday materials from my day job in construction. I like to juxtapose the clean white walls of the gallery against the rough-hewn, everyday materials of the worker. While drop cloths, drywall mud, concrete, and lumber aren’t of archival quality, I am interested in how these materials will enact the inescapable slow decay of blue-collar bodies. My work is for tired working people.