Wren Ross | The Sargasso Sessions, Session 1: Workshop

Upstairs @ Modern West November 6, 2021
Upstairs @ Modern West $60 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

"Purpose: To cultivate dialogue that normalizes, validates and supports people as they navigate the new Covid-facing world using creative tools and a shared space. In the sessions we explore the ways the pandemic and its fallout have touched our lives by asking questions… What is the new normal? What does it mean to wear a mask both literally and figuratively? What have we gained by being separate and overwhelmed by the unknown? What have we lost that we’re happy to be free from? … And by furnishing answers, using an uninihibited connection to our own creativity by making marks, exploring literal deconstruction (ripping, tearing, cutting, obliterating) and reinterpretation (collage, sculpture, mapmaking), examining the colors and textures of our internal landscape, and learning to tune into and interpret the visual information we generate."




Sargasso Session 1 will be held Saturday, 6 November 2021 from 11 - 1 pm Mountain Time at Modern West Fine Art, 412 S. 7th W., Salt Lake City, UT. In keeping with best practices regarding Covid-19 safety protocols the event will endeavor to be hosted outside. In the case of inclement weather the workshop will be moved inside, with adequate space between work tables, room to afford proper social distancing and a mask requirement. Workshop fee (including material fee) is $60.


To sign up, call the gallery at (801) 355-3383


To learn more about the series, visit Ross's Sargasso Series website.