POLLEN PATH | A Pop-up Art Sale & Fundraiser for Restoring Ancestral Winds: VIP PREVIEW & Indigenous Food Tasting (sponsored by @mmiwhoismissing)

Good Deeds and Lost Eden Gallery | 71 S. Rio Grande St. SLC @ Gateway 5 March 2022
Good Deeds and Lost Eden Gallery | 71 S. Rio Grande St. SLC @ Gateway $25/person

4:00-6:30 pm | VIP PREVIEW
& Indigenous Food Tasting (sponsored by @mmiwhoismissing)

6:30-9:00 pm | open to public

Location: 71 S. Rio Grande St. SLC @ Gateway
*masks & proof of vaccination required or 24 hr negative test

Pollen Path, an exhibit supported by Lost Eden Gallery (located at the Gateway), Good Deeds (Jorge Rojas, Laura Sharp Wilson, Camron Carpenter), and participating Artists. This one-night exhibit and Indigenous Food tasting will raise awareness and support for Restoring Ancestral Winds, a Utah Tribal coalition responding to the violence perpetrated on Indigenous communities within the Great Basin.

The funds raised will go directly towards Carry The Water, a new Indigenous Community Healing Garden in SLC that will sustain concepts of healing through water and connecting with the land.

For the year 2022, Restoring Ancestral Winds is partnering with individuals, artists, seed-keepers, organizations and Tribal members to provide a sacred space for knowledge sharing and violence prevention measures, by strengthening kinship with our Urban Indigenous community of Salt Lake City, extending invitations to other Relatives of Color.

You may also support the garden by donating directly to:
restoringawcoalition.org  |  paypal.me/RestoringAncestral

Pollen Path or Tádídíín Bikéé’go Atiin | is a foundational aspect of Diné traditional culture. The sweet yellow pollen comes from the tassels of a mature corn plant and can only be collected by those with wombs. It is then blessed and used by all as the primary means of communicating with the Diné Holy People. It is a conduit through which safety and happiness are assured, especially when one travels beyond Dinétah (Navajo homeland). Tádídíín (Corn Pollen) path honors the Diné Peoples recognition of their relationship to beauty, earth & water, & belonging to their Holy People.