UMOCA 2023 Gala Art Auction: Featuring works by: Shalee Cooper, Nathan Florence, Lenka Konopasek, Dimitri Kozyrev, Jiyoun Lee-Lodge and Jerrin Wagstaff

Utah Museum of Contemporary Art 12 May - 10 June 2023 

By generously donating artwork, the local artists featured in the 2023 Annual Gala Art Auction Exhibition contribute to UMOCA’s mission in real and tangible ways. Auction proceeds will directly benefit artists and community members through UMOCA’s exhibitions, education, and Artist-in-Residence programs, supporting an expansive and experimental arts scene in Utah.


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Featured Artists: Andrew Alba; Coleman Andersen; Alise Anderson; Mitchell Barton; Ed Bateman; Henry Becker; John Bell; Collin Bradford; Trent Call; Shalee Cooper; Paul Crow; Daniel Everett; Peter Everett; Nathan Florence; Nolan Flynn; Daniel George; Josh Graham; Russell Huiskamp; Janell James; Andrea Jensen; Lenka Konopasek; Dimitri Kozyrev; Jiyoun Lee-Lodge; Jared Lindsay Clark; Colour Maisch; Jason Manley; Frank McEntire; Cynthia McLoughlin; Jesse Meredith; Zachary Norman; Andrew Rice; Holly Rios; Horacio Rodriguez; Jorge Rojas; Laura Sharp Wilson; Matthew Sketch; John Sproul; Jared Steffensen; Sharon Sutton; James Talbot; Jerrin Wagstaff; Michelle Wentling; Jill Whit; Moses Williams; Josh Winegar; Jaclyn Wright