Meggan Waltman

20 August - 10 September 2021

Modern West is pleased to introduce Meggan Waltman's residencey exhibition, on display upstairs at Modern West August 20th - September 10th.


Meggan Waltman is an abstract artist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Inspired by Helen Frankenthaler, Frank Stella, and Agnes Martin’s painterly explorations and staining techniques, Waltman is a self-taught artist with an intense focus on color and color theory. In pursuit of specific tonalities, Waltman creates her own oil paints. In conjunction with the control of her pigments, saturation and dissipation mark Waltman’s unique style. Multidisciplinary in her approach, Waltman’s artistic practice intrinsically weaves yoga, music, and textural fabric to inform her work’s perspective.


During her residency, Waltman dedicated her time to experimenting with inks, paper, and textiles. Though primarily paints in oil, she inventively transforms the medium into lyrical stains that remind the viewer of watercolor. Drawn to ideas about the physical body in space and the divine feminine, her current exploration relates to how we, as humans, share the spaces we inhabit. Using the residency to paint, sketch, and sew, Waltman created a versitile collection of stunning works taking on geometric interpetations of everyday scenes, and expanding on the idea of the female body and the maternity of the earth and its pigments.