New Works | Mitch Mantle

1 September - 31 October 2021

“I am inspired by the individuals that surround me. My wife and children and the relationships they hold; simple and ambiguous circumstances are intriguing to me, especially those that may seem mundane and are oftentimes overlooked. These moments in time are fascinating, and fuel the ideas I commonly choose to explore in my work.” - Mitch Mantle

Vivid color, firm shape, and dynamic composition are the cornerstones of Mitch Mantle’s artwork. Contemplation of human behavior and attributes are interpreted through layers of vibrant and graphic forms meshed with intentional details suggesting narrative. This fresh body of prints and paintings he has created especially for Modern West are no exception. His fully developed visual vocabulary and style delve into highlighting the compelling beauty and compositional possibility in the familiar moments of our lives while creating a deep sense of innocence and authenticity. Mitch Mantle earned his Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona and currently teaches drawing full time at Glendale Community College.