The 2022 Utah Artist Fellowship Recipients

Utah Arts & Museums Fellowship Program, May 12, 2022







The Utah Division of Arts & Museums announces the twelve Utah artists in performing and visual arts that have been awarded $5,000 fellowships to recognize their individual artistic excellence and support their professional careers.

The fellowship provides unrestricted cash awards based on review by prominent arts professionals outside of Utah. This year, Allison Glenn, New York-based curator & writer, served as the visual arts juror. Kevin R. Free, a New York-based multidisciplinary artist who works as an actor, writer, director, and producer was this year’s performing arts fellowship juror.
Victoria Panella Bourns, director of Utah Arts & Museums, said the agency is honored to have the opportunity to recognize the skills, experience, and creativity of these Utah artists. "I am so impressed by the contributions made by this year's fellowship winners,” Bourns said.

Allison Glenn said she was grateful to have the opportunity to spend time considering the extremely talented practices of artists working in the Mountain West region. “Through the jurying process, multiple themes began to emerge that I relied upon as cornerstones, or guideposts, toward my understanding of the key issues, concerns, and areas of interest for this region of the country,” said Glenn.

Kevin R. Free said the common thread of each application was community — creating it, supporting it, and sustaining it. ”After learning about an artist, I would find that that same artist had written a letter of recommendation for another artist who had applied for the fellowship,” Free said. “I was most impressed by this, as community is what I have sought to create in New York City, where there seem to be so many of us competing for the same very small piece of the pie. I found myself wanting to see shows at many of the places about which I learned,” said Kevin.


Utah Artist Fellows 2022

Penelope Caywood, Performing Arts Fellow (Salt Lake City)
Anna Evans, Visual Arts Fellow (Helper)
Kelsie Jepsen, Performing Arts Fellow (Salt Lake City)
Katherine Poleviyaoma, Visual Arts Fellow (Kearns)
Jorge Rojas, Visual Arts Fellow (Salt Lake City)
Shenelle Salcido, Performing Arts Fellow (Salt Lake City)
Mitsu Salmon, Performing Arts Fellow (Salt Lake City)
Teresa Sanderson, Performing Arts Fellow (Layton)
Carol Sogard, Visual Arts Fellow (Salt Lake City)
Fazilat Soukhakain, Visual Arts Fellow (Bountiful)
Kalani Tonga, Visual Arts Fellow (Salt Lake City)
Camille Washington, Performing Arts Fellow (Ogden)

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