Landscape Painter Kevin Kehoe at Modern West Fine Art

Kevin Kehoe left New York City and his demanding career as a Creative Director to pursue his passion for painting. His exhibition “Western Therapy” reflects on his decision to follow his heart and pursue his lifelong dream. Kevin Kehoe has begun his western reinvention in Utah’s Heber Valley with the Wasatch and Uinta mountain ranges as his backdrop. The light that pours into his studio and the natural beauty that surrounds him often inspires Kehoe’s work.

The "Western Therapy" series is about the West and the beautiful effects it has had on Kevin and his artwork. Kevin spent the majority of his life on the East Coast; growing up in New England, attending college in Boston and then pursuing a career in advertising in New York City. His east coast roots continue to affect his artwork.

Kevin Kehoe’s artwork captures the way he experiences the world around him, the way the light, color and energy of a location affect his emotions. He speaks to his process by saying:

I really do try to convey in my paintings an essence of how I want to recall a place, a moment, or an experience in my dreams, my mind, and especially my heart.” And “I try to capture what it was that made my heart beat a bit faster and made my blood rush. If a shadow had a touch of pink in it in real life, I take it as a clue and push it further so it adds a dream-like reality to the painting. I look for clues and I use them to dial things up or down so the piece makes the viewer feel something.”

Kevin Kehoe has provided postcards for anyone who attends his exhibition, these postcards say “Western Therapy is…” and he invites visitors to complete this sentence. These postcards are addressed to his home and will influence his future work. Join us to see his exhibition and share what western therapy means to you.

View his work here.