Esther Voisin is a multidisciplinary artist focused in photography. Originally from France, Esther has traveled extensively and now calls the United States home. Based in Salt Lake City, Voisin’s work evokes the strange and the familiar simultaneously. She is inspired by the space of the country, the wilderness, and the spirit of the road. The works in this exhibition span the last decade of her life ,including moments in California, Arizona and throughout the Western states. This exhibition is intented to grow and compound as Voisin continues to her experiences. 


From a young age, Voisin was deeply inspired by cinema. Fascinated with the ability to express so many multitudes in a single frame, Voisin has said, “Every storytelling is in a frame- Could be a poem, a song, a canvas, a page of book, a piece of metal, wood- My work revolves around that.” This belief in a symbolic narrative drives Voisin’s artistic practice. Intensely curious, she is inspired by literature, film, music and practiced observation. She consistently is looking for and gathering for poignant emotions expressed through the banal. This perspective of cinematic documentation is the foundation for the body of work on display. Voisin sees this as her experience of life in film. With a emphasis on lighting, tone, and symbolism, the photographs work as establishing shots for an elusive narrative.


In 2009, Factory Editions, Paris published two books of her work, Photographic Cinematographic, which were sold in le Centre Pompidou and Le Palais de Tokyo, Arcana in L.A, specialty bookstores, and galleries. Her first exhibition, a selection by the Kodak Foundation and the museum Nicephore Niepce, was presented when she was just 22 years old. Since then, Voisin has exhibited widely and is collected internationally.