Modern West is a gallery created in 2014 by Diane Stewart to support established and emerging modern and contemporary artists who, in compelling and varied ways, reframe our understanding of the West.
Modern  West is an inclusive space that welcomes all. We represent and curate work based on artistic merit, expression, and excellence in execution. We strive to offer a variety of perspectives, inviting our patrons to decide what work is appealing and appropriate for them. We acknowledge that because art is viewed through a prism of specific and varied personal experiences, the artists' intent may not always be received, but is left for the viewer's interpretation. We support our artists' freedom of expression, and hope collectors will find art that resonates, moves, and informs.





  • Artist Submission Process

    The gallery is currently not adding artists to our stable. However, we always love to view new work. If you are interested in submitting your portfolio, please review the artists we currently represent to see if you think you would be a good fit. Download our application form and please fill it out completely. Incomplete applications will not be considered. All applications will be kept on file and the gallery director will reach out to you if there is an opening in artist representation.



  • Venue Rental

    Modern West offers flexible event venue space, offering multiple rooms to rent for your public and private events. The upstairs at Modern West incorperates mutiple seating areas and arraingments, small rooms for intimate gatherings and a conference room. Modern West is a space for creativity, community and inspiration and we host workshops, lectures, classes and other events.