“My work represents manifestations of identity seen through the complexity of American culture and South Pacific traditionscalling attention to confrontations and conflicting realities; straddling the line between levity and earnest devotion. Image making becomes an act of playful conjuring–reassembling personal histories that embody fear, anxiety, mythology, dreams, revelations, magic, mysticism, and ritual. The images are essentially a self-portrait seen through various forms of expanded and contracted narratives giving place for the viewer to exam the stirrings of my mind.”




Fidalis Buehler is an artist living in Utah - the mountain west region of the United States. His life is a blending of two culturesone being of Euro-American descent and the other of Pacific Island heritage. He exhibits in regional, national, and international exhibitions. Notable experiences include his participation in Urban Mythologies, Auckland’s NorthArt Center, New Mystics at the CUAC, Rose Colored Glass at the Katherine E Nash gallery at the University of Minnesota, Gallery Protocol in Gainesville, Florida and a publication with New American Paintings.