Sheldon Harvey’s work depicts spirit beings from the Navajo creation myth and other ancient traditions. His mixed media sculptures are made with wood, fabric, feathers, stains and paint. Each unique sculpture embodies a piece of Navajo folklore and Sheldon’s creative spirit.

Sheldon Harvey’s large-scale paintings and sculptural works take inspiration from the land, from DineĢ stories and traditions, and from the artist’s translation of identity to brushstroke and carving practice. Each work re- flects his exploration of spirituality and contemplation on tradition juxtaposed with contemporary inspiration from modern abstraction and cubism. Harvey’s works are included in major collections throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. He has received numerous awards and honors, including first place for sculpture and painting at the Santa Fe Indian Market and Best in Show for his oil painting. His innovative style has made him a much sought-after artist by collectors world-wide.